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September 27, 2018

Replace Your Missing Molars with Dental Implants

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dental implant for a molarDespite several advancements in dentistry, tooth loss remains a prevalent problem. In fact, it is estimated 120 million Americans are missing at least one tooth. If you have found yourself among the unlucky few who have lost a molar, you may be tempted to ignore the issue. It is only in the back, and no one will see it, right? Even though it may not be visible when you speak or smile, leaving it untreated can lead to serious oral health complications. Instead, it is better to replace it with the next best thing to your natural tooth. With dental implants, you will make an investment in your oral health.

Why Do I Need to Replace My Tooth?

Every tooth in your mouth has an important job to do to promote proper oral functions, like chewing and speaking. When even one is missing, your dental health will start to decline.

The roots of your teeth stimulate your jawbone to keep it strong and healthy. If a tooth is missing, that area is no longer stimulated, which will cause it to deteriorate. You can lose as much as 25% of your jawbone’s width within the first year of losing your tooth.

This causes your remaining natural teeth to lose support. Over time, they will shift toward the open space. This can lead to alignment issues that increase your risk of tooth decay and gum disease because your teeth become harder to clean. Not to mention, a disorder with the temporomandibular joint can develop because misaligned teeth will change your bite.

If the tooth remains untreated for some time, your remaining teeth will eventually become loose and fall out. The only way to prevent these complications is with a dental implant.

How Can a Dental Implant Help Me?

There are many options to replace your missing tooth, but only one stops bone loss to protect your oral health. Dental implants are different than other treatments because they replace the root of the tooth by surgically placing an implant post into your jawbone. This stimulates new bone growth, allowing your jaw to fuse to the post. It has the potential to stay in place forever because dental implants have over a 95% success rate.

The crown is also replaced by attaching an abutment to connect a custom-made dental crown to the post. Together, they allow you to enjoy a treatment that looks and feels natural.

Replace Your Tooth Today!

Although it may not impact your confidence, it is best to have your missing molar replaced. Your implant dentist has the solution you need to complete your smile.

About Dr. Jayson Voto

Dr. Jayson Voto delivers advanced dental solutions to the community. He can treat complex issues, like tooth loss using the latest innovations in dentistry. If you have missing teeth, he can fill the space with dental implants. Contact our office today to see if they are right for you.

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