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Six Month Smiles – Owasso, OK

Improving Your Smile In Less Time

person undergoing through Six Month Smiles in Owasso

Do your front teeth distract from your otherwise beautiful smile? For such a small cosmetic issue, it doesn’t make sense spending a year or more with metal brackets and wires in your mouth. Fortunately, Dr. Jayson Voto offers Six Month Smiles, a fast, effective, and trusted way to improve the appearance of your grin in less time than most orthodontic treatments. This specialized treatment accelerates the process of traditional braces by solely focusing on your front teeth. If you’d like to learn whether or not you can benefit from this treatment, be sure to schedule a consultation by contacting our office.

What is Six Month Smiles?

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Six Month Smiles is an orthodontic treatment made to fix crowded, gapped, and crooked front teeth. By only focusing on the visible area of your mouth when you smile or speak, you’ll be able to achieve beautiful results in as little as six months. The treatment uses clear brackets and tooth-colored wires for maximized discretion, that way, you can maintain a professional appearance as you’re undergoing treatment.

The Benefits of Six Month Smiles

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There are countless benefits that Six Month Smiles offers which make it a popular treatment. Besides the cosmetic and aesthetic advantages, straighter teeth are easier to clean, reducing the chances of food debris and plaque buildup. In addition, when you feel less embarrassed to show off your smile, you can feel more confident and at-ease in social and professional settings. Some other benefits of this orthodontic treatment include:

How Does The Process Work?

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To begin your treatment, we’ll capture impressions and images of your bite and create a customized timeline for you. Our specifications and plan will be sent to a Six Month Smiles lab, where they will craft your brackets and wires, made especially for your mouth. Dr. Voto will attach your tooth-colored brackets and wires to the front six teeth in your smile line. After that, you’ll need to visit us every few weeks for a short adjustment and progress check.

If the appearance of your smile impacts your self-esteem, and the thought of getting traditional metal braces doesn’t sound appealing to you, you can likely benefit from Six Month Smiles. The best way to find out is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Voto.

Six Month Smiles FAQ

For many, the first time they learn about Six Month Smiles is from their dentist. While the concept of brackets and wires shifting teeth is not exactly a new concept, many people still have questions about Six Month Smiles in particular and whether it’s right for them. For your convenience, we’ve added a few of the most common questions we hear as well as our detailed responses. We’re more than happy to answer any additional questions you might have, so feel free to call us directly!

Will my treatment only take six months to complete?

The average treatment time for Six Month Smiles is about six months, but it’s important to note that every patient is going to have their own unique dental issues to resolve. For example, some treatments can be completed in as little as four months, while more severe cases may take a little longer depending on what issues need to be corrected. Using proven techniques and materials, Six Month Smiles can resolve crooked, gapped, or misaligned teeth faster than virtually any other treatment available today.

Can I do Six Month Smiles with an underbite or overbite?

When you speak with our dentist, they’ll be able to determine if Six Month Smiles is best for your needs. This includes confirming the severity of your current issues, such as gaps, misalignment or crowding in your smile as well as how severe your overbite or underbite actually is. From there, we can determine if Six Month Smiles is ideal for your needs or if you’d be better suited using other treatments, such as Invisalign.

Does treatment hurt?

No. In the beginning stages of treatment, patients often note a very mild and temporary level of discomfort once the braces are placed. After every tightening procedure, patients also notice some minimal discomfort, but nothing more than that afterwards. It’s similar to spending time working out and feeling a little sore afterwards. While it can be slightly inconvenient, the results are truly worth it.

Do I need to wear a retainer following treatment?

Yes. Regardless of the realignment treatment you choose, whether it’s Six Month Smiles or something else, you’ll have to wear a retainer in order to keep your teeth from shifting out of place. Teeth are highly susceptible to shifting back to their original position unless a retainer is worn immediately following treatment. For this reason, you’ll be asked to wear a retainer daily for a set period of time. After this time has passed, you can start wearing the aligners at night while you sleep. There are many clear retainers available, so you don’t have to sacrifice your appearance just to keep your straighter smile.

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