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Traditional Braces – Owasso, OK

Move Your Teeth Into their Perfect Position

Young woman smiling with braces

A crooked smile can put a huge damper on your confidence, making it harder to relate to others and to feel good about yourself. The same goes for over- and underbites, which can contribute chronic jaw problems on top of their impact on your appearance.

Thankfully, if you live near Owasso, OK, Jayson D. Voto, DDS and his dental team can help you move your teeth into their perfect position with traditional braces. Give us a call today and we’ll talk to you about what they can do for you.

Why Choose Jayson D. Voto, DDS For Traditional Braces?

How Do Traditional Braces Work?

Close up of someonne with braces

Traditional braces can correct misaligned teeth or bite issues ranging anywhere from mild to severe. This is done by adhering small brackets to the teeth and connecting them with a thin wire, one that’s gradually tightened every six to eight weeks over the course of 18-24 months. This draws the teeth into their ideal position, moving gapped teeth together and crowded teeth apart.

What Orthodontic Issues Can Braces Fix?

Side profile of a person with braces

There are plenty of ways to have a problem with your smile, from subtle misalignment to severe issues with your bite. These problems can have wide ranging affects on both your appearance and health. We’ll let you know more about what kinds of issues can be addressed by braces when we meet you, but here are a few common examples.

-talk about the importance of getting a consultation to learn more about how certain orthodontic issues can affect oral health and whether a patient is a good candidate for traditional braces

Bite Misalignment

3D render of an overbite

An overbite, underbite, and crossbite can all put unusual pressure on the jaw, causing anything from mild pain to chronic bite issues later in life. To address these issues, the top and bottom braces can often be drawn together with rubber bands, bringing the jaw into a healthier position.

Crowded & Crooked Teeth

Someone with crooked teeth

In addition to the aesthetic problems they pose, crooked and crowded teeth can be considerably harder to clean, increasing your risk of oral health problems. Braces can gradually pull overlapping teeth apart, bringing them into alignment.

Gapped Teeth

Someone with gapped teeth

While not necessarily posing too much of a health problem, many people aren’t fans of how gapped teeth make them look. Braces can slowly bring these teeth together.

-discuss the aesthetic & oral health benefits of addressing gapped teeth and how braces can fix the problem

Caring for Your Braces

Woman with braces holding a toothbrush

The nature of wire and bracket braces usually requires people to make adjustments to how they clean their teeth. You might want to invest in a floss threader or an interdental brush in order to make cleaning in between the teeth a little easier.

You might also want to change what you eat, as some harder or chewier foods can potentially dislodge your brackets or break the wire. Chips, candy, and soda may have to be avoided for the duration of your orthodontic treatment.

Finally, you should plan to see us for regular preventive appointments, allowing us to check on the integrity of your braces.

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