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Jason D. Voto, DDS Blog

August 15, 2021

Why Summer is Prime Time to Receive Dental Implants!

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older man smiling with dental implants

Summer is the perfect time of the year for getting outside, soaking up some sunrays and all-around enjoying life. However, living without a full set of teeth can derail many of your plans. Thankfully, there is a way to experience all that the hotter months have to offer: with the placement of dental implants. Continue reading to find out why this is the best time to take action!


May 5, 2021

Can Swimming in a Pool be Harmful for Your Teeth?

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woman wonders is swimming bad for your teeth

As the sun starts to shine brighter and the temperatures get warmer, it will soon be time for hours of swimming at public pools. To maintain cleanliness, chlorine is used in the water, which can sometimes make it more acidic. With that in mind, is swimming bad for your teeth? Continue reading to get the answer and to find out what you can do to better protect yourself.


April 2, 2021

5 Signs You Should Replace Your Dentures

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Hand holding dentures in Owasso

Dentures in Owasso are a popular and economical way to replace missing teeth, but unfortunately, they don’t last forever. In fact, they usually need to be replaced every 7 to 10 years. But how can you know when it’s time to get a new set of artificial teeth or consider a more long-term solution, like dental implants? Just keep reading to find out! Here are 5 signs you should replace your dentures


November 14, 2020

5 Health Problems Caused by Poorly Fitting Dentures

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dentist holding set of full dentures in Owasso

When they’re properly fitted, dentures are a great way to bring back your ability to talk and eat after you have lost most or all of your teeth. Today’s dentures can even be made to look just like your natural teeth, allowing you to smile with complete confidence. However, after tooth loss, the ridges of your gum tissue naturally begin to shrink, causing your dentures in Owasso to eventually not fit as well as they originally did. Teeth that slip around while eating are annoying enough on their own, but poorly fitting dentures can even lead to health problems. Here are five of them.


September 23, 2020

Should You Visit a Dentist For BOTOX & Juvéderm Injections?

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Did you know that your dentist offers BOTOX and Juvéderm treatment? That means that instead of going to unsanitary spas or other places that administer injections by untrained professionals, you can receive them from someone who has dedicated countless years to understanding how facial muscles and features interact with each other. Read on to learn why it’s a good idea to get BOTOX in Owasso from your dentist instead of a spa. (more…)

July 20, 2020

More Than Appearance – 4 Benefits of Dental Implants

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Woman holding dental implant in OwassoAccording to the experts, the first dental implants existed nearly 4,000 years ago in China. While it is believed that they used bamboo pegs to replace missing teeth, evidence shows that copper pegs, seashells, and animal teeth were all materials used in ancient times. Fortunately, dental implants have come a long way since then and are a leading treatment option completed by dentists today. In fact, dental implant procedures increased by over 6% between 2019 and 2020 alone. While they have cosmetic advantages, they can do more than just that. Read on for four benefits of dental implants in Owasso (more…)

June 16, 2020

Why Summer Is the Best Time to Switch to Dental Implants

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Smiling couple in summer with dental implants in OwassoAre missing teeth or uncomfortable dentures keeping you from enjoying your favorite foods at the summer cookout? It may be time for you to consider making the switch to dental implants. If you’re looking forward to eating tasty holiday meals and taking pictures during winter family holidays later this year, you should talk to your dentist about dental implants today. Read on to find out why summer is the best time to rebuild your smile with dental implants in Owasso.


May 4, 2020

Creative, No Contact Ways To Greet Your Dental Team

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A patient greets their dentist.The last time you went to your dentist’s office, how did you say hello to everyone? Did you shake someone’s hand? Did a team member give you a hug? There was a time when these greetings were commonplace, but in the age of COVID-19, they are no longer used. Close contact makes it easy for germs to spread, so your dentist and their team are changing the ways they welcome patients to their practice. Read on to discover some fun, no touch methods that you can use to introduce yourself during your next appointment.


March 27, 2020

How Six Month Smiles Can Fix a Gap in Your Front Teeth

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girl wearing Six Month Smiles in Owasso

You’ve had a gap between your two front teeth for as long as you can remember, and it has always bothered you. Sometimes bits of food get stuck in it. It always stands out in pictures. If only there were an easy way to fix your front teeth! Luckily, there is – with a treatment called Six Month Smiles. This treatment can straighten your front teeth in as little as half a year, which is only a fraction of the time that traditional braces and Invisalign take. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of Six Month Smiles in Owasso.


January 5, 2020

Pamper Yourself In 2020 With Invisalign or Six Month Smiles!

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Happy New Year 2020Ever feel like you’re so focused on your family or work that you put your own needs last? You’re not alone! Life is busier than ever these days and many people find that they just don’t have time for themselves. But since the new year just got started, why not make a resolution to do something for yourself for a change? With Invisalign or Six Month Smiles in Owasso, you can straighten your teeth quickly and, by this time next year, have a whole new sense of confidence. In this blog, you’ll learn how Invisalign and Six Month Smiles work and which one may be right for you!


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