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Owasso Sleep Apnea Therapy

Feel Great in the Morning Again

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Do you often feel like you could nod off at your desk or during your morning or afternoon commute? Patients with sleep apnea, a common but underdiagnosed condition, struggle with interrupted sleep and often with snoring, too. As a result, instead of feeling rested the next day, you might feel drowsy or have trouble concentrating. You may also experience changes in your mood or have trouble remembering important things. All of these are symptoms to watch out for.

Risks Associated with Sleep Apnea in Owasso

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The most pressing problem associated with sleep apnea, however, is that you repeatedly stop breathing during the night, sometimes for as long as 10 seconds. This, and the fact that your body constantly wakes up to breathe, accounts for your interrupted sleep and your poor performance the next day.

In addition to this immediate problem, sleep apnea has also been linked to a number of other systemic illnesses and diseases. When breathing stops even for a few seconds, the oxygen level in your blood drops. This decrease causes your heart to work harder in order to pump enough oxygenated blood to your vital organs. Consequently, high blood pressure often develops, which can lead to other cardiovascular conditions including heart disease and stroke.

Other health problems associated with sleep apnea include:

The Reason Behind Sleep Apnea

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In most cases, sleep apnea patients stop breathing because of an obstructed airway. This also explains why so many sleep apnea patients struggle with snoring. When the airway is obstructed, it’s difficult for air to get through, and whatever air does usually causes the tissue vibrations that create the familiar snoring sound.

Treating Sleep Apnea in 74055

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But the team at Jayson D. Voto, DDS Family & Cosmetic Dentistry has a solution for sleep apnea that can help patients get the restful night they deserve. Using a custom-made oral appliance, Owasso residents sleep better because their airways are kept open throughout the night. As a result, they can breathe more easily and without snoring. Just imagine the difference this could make in you and your partner’s lives.

To receive a sleep appliance, you must first have a diagnosis. This necessitates undergoing a sleep test in Owasso. Once you’ve been officially diagnosed as a sleep apnea patient, we’ll take an impression of your teeth, which our lab will use to fabricate your custom-made oral appliance.

When you have your finished appliance, treating your sleep apnea will be as simple as wearing it while you sleep. You’ll notice a difference in your energy level and daily performance within just a day or two. You and your partner will both wake up feeling more rested, more alert, and ready to face the day.

Contact our Owasso dental office today to learn more about how we can help you sleep better and overcome sleep apnea. Dr. Jayson Voto can provide custom-made oral appliances for people in Owasso, Claremore, Sperry, Collinsville, Tulsa, Skiatook, and the surrounding areas.

Sleep Apnea FAQs

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Because sleep apnea is largely underdiagnosed, it’s important to learn more to truly understand this condition. That’s why we’ve provided the answers to these common questions about sleep apnea. We hope they will address your concerns and help you determine whether you should seek professional help. If you have additional questions, we invite you to contact our Owasso office.

What are common symptoms of sleep apnea?

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Although the most widely shared sign of sleep apnea is loud, chronic snoring, you may have sleep apnea if you experience the following symptoms:

If you think you may have sleep apnea, contact us, and we can refer you to a sleep center so you can have a sleep test and get officially diagnosed.

What are some risk factors for sleep apnea?

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It’s estimated that five to ten percent of adults in the United States have sleep apnea, and most of them remain undiagnosed. If you are or have the following, you could be at increased risk for sleep apnea:

What is a CPAP machine, and can it help me?

A continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine is a common way to treat sleep apnea. It can help to keep the airways open for some patients. Many times, however, our patients find that a CPAP machine disrupts their rest even more than their sleep apnea! That’s why we provide an alternative: a simple, yet effective, custom-made oral appliance.

How does a custom oral appliance treat sleep apnea?

The most common cause of sleep apnea consists of facial tissue obstructing the airways. The oral appliance repositions your lower jaw so that these tissues aren’t allowed to relax to the point where they interfere with your breathing, helping your body achieve deeper, more restful sleep. This is a noninvasive, more conservative treatment that can yield positive results for your sleep and well-being.

Are there any other ways to help my sleep apnea?

Obstructive sleep apnea can happen to anyone, particularly if they have genetic features that prevent easy airflow, such as large tonsils, thick neck, or a narrow throat, but it occurs most often in those with excessive weight or obesity, causing an accumulation of facial tissues that can block the airways. If you reduce your body’s overall weight, you may be able to alleviate your sleep apnea symptoms. But no matter the cause, an oral appliance can certainly help you get higher quality sleep.

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