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Jason D. Voto, DDS Blog

November 2, 2018

How to Get the Most Out of Your Dental Insurance

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Dental insurance paper. With the year coming to a close, there are probably deadlines throughout your life that you’re aware of. Car registration, RSVP’s, work, and taxes are just a handful of things that may have a deadline at the end of the year. But, there’s something that you may not have thought about yet that expires at the end of the year too: your insurance. Each year, billions of dollars in dental insurance benefits are wasted because they don’t roll over. Keep reading to discover why you should always use your benefits before January 1st.


October 8, 2018

Dentist Provides 5 Useful Tips to Protect Teeth During Halloween

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A spilled bucket of Halloween candy.Halloween is often associated with scary costumes, haunted houses and a much higher influx of fun-sized candy bars and sugary treats. That last association is largely the scariest trait of the season, according to dentists. Exposing the mouth to more sugar, especially when snacking, is a sure way to get a new cavity by Thanksgiving.

Thankfully, a dentist is prepared to help you and your family enjoy Halloween and still keep your smile looking sharp by November. Here are five tips to get you started.


September 27, 2018

Replace Your Missing Molars with Dental Implants

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dental implant for a molarDespite several advancements in dentistry, tooth loss remains a prevalent problem. In fact, it is estimated 120 million Americans are missing at least one tooth. If you have found yourself among the unlucky few who have lost a molar, you may be tempted to ignore the issue. It is only in the back, and no one will see it, right? Even though it may not be visible when you speak or smile, leaving it untreated can lead to serious oral health complications. Instead, it is better to replace it with the next best thing to your natural tooth. With dental implants, you will make an investment in your oral health.

August 28, 2018

A Step-by-Step Guide for Finding the Right Dentist in Owasso

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man plaid shirt smiling dentist chairYou’ve recently moved to Owasso, and you’re enjoying the beautiful Oklahoma scenery, but as you settle in, you’re seeking ways to re-establish your normal life. One area you’re looking to address is your oral health. Thus, you desire to find the right dentist in Owasso to provide care. As you read on, you’ll learn some simple methods for successfully identifying a dentist you can trust.


July 22, 2018

Trying to Decide Between an Electric and Manual Toothbrush? A Family Dentist Can Offer Some Timely Tips.

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Woman using an electric toothbrush

Smiling girl with electric toothbrush, brushing teeth

One great thing about living in Owasso is our community’s focus on developing strong character traits like decisiveness. Speaking of decision-making, one question that comes up often is whether to use an electric or manual toothbrush. Here are a few tips from a family dentist on this important choice.


June 6, 2018

Dentist Shares 5 Things You Should Know About Your Teeth as You Age

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Smiling senior couple.Did you know that periodontal (gum) disease, cavities, and oral cancer are all more common later in life? And we all thought cavities were just a childhood problem! Taking care of your oral health and having good oral hygiene are important as you get older. Here are some tips from your dentist on protecting your oral health as you age.


May 25, 2018

Are You More Prone to Cavities Than Others? Your Dentist Answers

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cavity monster flying out of toothYou may have heard about the different contributors to cavities, but what if there is a hidden cause? New research suggests that there may be, as scientists have found links between tooth decay, other oral issues and genetics. As you continue reading, your local dentist will delve deeper into this topic and give you some helpful tips that will aid in maintaining your oral health.


April 4, 2018

Did You Know You Can Save Money by Visiting Your Dentist?

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A woman smiling at her dental visit.It’s unfortunate, but many people in America will actively put off their dental visits because they want to save money. However, what most people don’t realize is by putting off regular dental visits or not going to the dentist at all, they’re at higher risk of spending more money on dental care than if they had just gone in the first place. Yes, oral hygiene is important, but so is getting a professional exam and cleaning from your dentist. Keep in mind, it’s not just your oral health that your dentist is looking out for.


March 2, 2018

Why are My Dental Implants Failing? Your Local Dentist Weighs in

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dental implant fixture fused in boneFor so long you suffered from missing teeth. Not only did you have to make adjustments in the way you lived your life, but you also lost a great deal of confidence. So when you were fortunate enough to receive dental implants, you experienced a revival in your outlook on life. Once again you tasted the flavors you loved and smiled with pride. But now all of that seems to be threatened because your implants are showing signs of wear and tear. Unfortunately, it’s just a fact of life that things become worn and sometimes fail, but don’t fret – there’s help for you. Your dentist will explain what causes this and how your fixtures can be restored.


February 2, 2018

Protect Your Investment! 6 Tips for Maintenance of Your Dental Implants

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older woman smiling in dental chairOne of the most painful experiences you’ve dealt with has been the loss of your teeth. Not only has it left you with a decreased ability to function as normal, but it has also affected your self-esteem. However, your outlook on life has been renewed since you found out that you can restore your smile and lifestyle through dental implants. You’re eager to have the procedure done, but your local dentist wants you to be aware of the best practices for maintenance to protect your investment. Learn what they are as you continue reading.


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